Upgrade And Stock Up: Look Ahead For Efficiency When Farming With Propane

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Upgrade And Stock Up: Look Ahead For Efficiency When Farming With Propane

7 November 2015
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When you depend on a fuel source to keep your operations running smoothly, you need to have the security in knowing that your energy source is reliable, available, and affordable.

As a farmer, you have control over these factors when you use propane.

Take control and stock up on propane when prices and demand are low.

Having tanks topped off when prices are low makes sound economic sense. As long as your propane tanks are regularly inspected, all leaks are repaired, and damaged tanks are replaced with good ones, you can safely fill them and use the propane in the future since propane won't "go bad" like other fuels.

Propane may damage fittings and parts in regulators over time, so you do need to have tanks checked each time you have them refilled. Some tanks have an expiration date as well, which is the date by which the tank must be refurbished or replaced. Your propane supplier will help you determine which types of tanks you have and will be happy to provide your farm with upgraded tanks as your fuel needs increase.

Stocking up also helps you alleviate the backups in propane delivery that may occur due to processing issues, transportation problems, or severe weather. Also, when crop yields are good, more farmers will be using harvesting equipment, grain dryers, and other curing equipment that runs off propane. These busy times may mean your propane delivery will be delayed when you need it the most if you wait too late to order fuel.

Modern grain dryers and other propane-powered tools are more efficient than ever.

Propane has always been considered a clean, green fuel, and upgrades in agricultural equipment make that reputation even more true today.

One study found a 10% reduction in maintenance and fuel costs when updated grain dryers were used. Over time, that represents a significant amount of operating cash that you can use for other farm needs.Whether you use propane for irrigation, grain storage, tractors, or barn heating, there are new propane agricultural tools available that use propane more efficiently and have better safety features than your old equipment.

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) is very committed to helping farmers upgrade their agricultural equipment. PERC offers a plan called the the Farm Incentive Program to help farmers share their experiences using newer equipment. Your farm agrees to purchase one of the designated propane-powered agricultural items, monitor its performance, note its maintenance needs, and report your observations to the program sponsors. This initiative is designed to help farmers offset the cost of investing in upgrades while educating all agricultural producers about the pros and cons of new ag production products.

Stay ahead of the game by keeping your propane topped off and by investing in the most efficient, technologically advanced propane equipment for your specific farm operations. Research further online, such as http://www.averyoilandpropane.com