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The Spruce Budworm: Destroyer Of Evergreens

5 August 2015
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Evergreen trees are a beautiful way to add a little natural style to your yard, but they are prone to infestation by insects and vermin that can kill them in less than a season. One of the most destructive of these creatures is the spruce budworm. Learn all you can about this disgusting creature to avoid letting it ruin your trees. Description The spruce budworm is an insect that is relatively harmless in its adult state, but which is responsible for massive defoliation of white spruce across the country. Read More …

Grass Mulch Guide For Your Orchard

15 July 2015
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Whether it's a small home orchard or a larger operation, weed control around the trees is vital. Not only does it make access for care and harvesting simpler, weeds also compete with the trees for necessary nutrients and water. A soft covering of grass is the perfect mulch in your orchards. The grass provides a mulch, which helps cool the soil, retains moisture, and prevents the topsoil from rinsing away. This guide will help you implement a grass mulching plan in your orchard. Read More …